How To Join The Next Millionaire Maker


Before joining The Next Millionaire Maker, you need to have the affiliate link of the one who invited you or introduced you the business.

Why? Because if you go direct to the site and register, the admin wont help you, you need to do the business on your own. When you join the Team you will get all the support you need to succeed in this business.

We have developed a system of how to do it online and we'll teach you everything you need to know.

So ask for your sponsor's affiliate link or click his banner.

NOTE: If you don't know who referred you to The Next Millionaire Maker, then you can click on the banner on the top right corner of this blog in order to join (or the banner at the bottom center).

Option 1: If you have AlertPay or SolidTrust Pay Funds

Don't have SolidTrust Pay or AlertPay? Click Links Below:

How To Sign-up for a SolidTrust Pay account? (it's Free) <--- click hyperlink

How To Sign-up for an AlertPay account? (it's Free) <--- click hyperlink

Step 1: Click the affiliate link or banner that was given to you then click  Join Now  on the navigation panel.

Important: Make sure the name and ID of your Sponsor appear on the sign-up form. Otherwise sign up is not valid.

How To Join The Next Millionaire Maker

NOTE: If you don't know the Postal Code just put 1234 or anything just don't leave anything blank or it wont proceed you could later edit it at your member's profile.

*State is equivalent to Province if you live outside the U.S.A.

*Payment Option Username is the USERNAME you used for logging in to AlertPay or SolidTrust Pay

Step 2: Pls. check your email (the one you used for joining TNMM) for your account details.

NOTE: NO. OF ACCOUNTS. For people who want to have 2 or more accounts, you can use the same name, same AlertPay or SolidTrust Pay account,  but you have to use different emails.

You can also invite others to join even if you all use or share the same internet connection or IP address.

Option 2: If you don't have AlertPay or SolidTrust Pay Funds

You can pay the one time subscription fee thru the following:
1. Smart Money
2. Western Union
3. Money Gram (Cebuana or Mlhuillier)
4. Gcash
5. LBC
6. BPI (much better - no bank charge)

What to do:

Step 1. Register at the TNMM site following the instructions on Option 1 until you have clicked on Join the Next Millionaire Maker button. When you reach the payment page, discontinue. You will receive an email saying that you are one step away because you have not yet paid yet. This only means that you are in the pending section.

Step 2. Pay through any of the payment options given above.

Step 3. After payment, just fill the form below and click Submit.

Or... you can send me (via email or mobile phone) your NAME, ADDRESS, and CONTROL or REFERENCE NUMBER.

After receiving your payment I will pay for your registration fee (using my AlertPay or SolidTrust Pay funds). Make sure you send also the name that you used to register at TNMM so I can inform the Admin to whom that payment is for.

That's it.

Welcome to Smart Money Makers Online - Earn Money Online Work At Home Int'l Team!

Hope you understood The Next Millionaire Maker Sign Up Tutorial.

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