How To Open A Smart Money Account Philippines

What is Smart Money in the Philippines?

SMART Money is another easy and safe way to do bank account transactions. Transfer money, pay bills, and reload airtime - all with your SMART Mobile Phone.

If that weren’t enough, your SMART Money Card also doubles as a MasterCard, letting you do ATM and debit card transactions, both in-store and online!

Use SMART Money either through your SMART mobile phone or your SMART Money MasterCard. And yes, it’s accepted anywhere MasterCard is!

How To Open Smart Money Account Philippines


Advantages of using Smart Money

Instant Money Management. No need to call Customer Service numbers to check your cash balance. You can do all that through your SMART cellphone. You will also receive notification messages whenever successful transactions are made.

Transfer funds easily. Transfer funds from your participating Smart mobile back account to your Smart Money through the easy to use Smart Money Menu in your SIM. Now you don't have to worry about looking for and lining up at the ATM.

Security of a Cash Account. Rest assured that losing your Smart Money card does not mean losing the cash value in the card. Your funds are safely stored in Banco de Oro, and not in the card.

Available to everyone.You need not have a bank account to use Smart Money, because of easy over-the-counter reloading at participating establishments.


How To Register For A Smart Money Account Philippines

To start using SMART Money, go to any SMART Wireless Centers, fill out an application form and submit a valid ID. Pay P200 if you want a SMART Money card.

Quick Tip: Just bring 1 valid ID. Get a generic Smart Money card to get it in one day.

How to activate SMART Money account?
* Send MONEY to 343
You will receive a message indicating your 16-digit SMART Money number.

Activate your 16-digit SMART Money number using your cellphone;

   1. Go to SMART menu and select SMART Money
   2. Select Activate Card, press OK
   3. Key in the account number (16 daigits) then press OK
   4. Enter your preferred card name (minimum of 2, maximum of 12 characters) that you want to assign to the card, then press OK
   5. You will receive confirmation request of your transaction, press OK
   6. You will be prompted to enter your card PIN. Enter default card PIN (123456). Press OK.

How do I load cash to the Smart Money?

Over the counter. Visit any of the following:

    * SMART Wireless Centers
    * Banco de Oro branches
    * SMART Padala participating outlets

How do I load my SMART Money via SMART Wireless Centers, Banco de Oro Branches, and SMART Padala participating Outlets?

   1. Go to any outlet and fill out a cash load slip.
   2. Give the money to be loaded to your SMART Money account to the cashier.
   3. You will receive a confirmation message when money has been loaded to your account.

How do I check my balance in my Smart Money account?

   1. Go to SMART Menu and Select SMART Money
   2. Select Balance and press OK
   3. Select from your list of your card names and press OK
   4. You will receive a text message containing the account balance and any loyalty points earned of your selected card


Smart Money Account Registration Video Tutorial

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