How To Verify AlertPay Using Unionbank EON Card

Let me show you how to verify AlertPay using a Unionbank EON card in this quick tutorial.

How To Verify AlertPay Using Unionbank EON Card

Step 1. Log in to your AlertPay account, go to "My Account", and click the "Check your verification status" or "Become verified" link on the left side of your screen.

Step 2. Choose Option B (Credit Card Validation).

Step 3. Enter your card information: 16 digit Card Number, Expiration Date and the 3-digit CVV/Security Code at the back of the card. Check the box to confirm and click Next.

 A small payment and code will appear on your credit card statement in 2 - 3 business days for this credit card.

Step 4. After 2 - 3 days, log in to your online banking account (Unionbank EON) and check the Last 10 Transactions. Look for the AlertPay transaction.

In this example the verification code provide was 8663.

Step 5. Log in to your AlertPay account. Go to "My Account" -> "Profile" -> "Verification" -> "Credit Card Validation". Enter the verification code, then click "Enter Code".

That's it. Your AlertPay account is verified using Unionbank EON card. You can now shop, send, and receive money online.

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