Get More Referrals Using Paid Ads

For those people who want to have more referrals, pay a small amount at I sponsored a lot of people using this strategy. A lot of my members came from sulit paid ads and facebook.

Huwag lang manghinayang magbayad because sa business, owners pay in ads sa TV which cost million per second but they dont look at the price. Instead, they look at the return (ROI). Look at this as investment. Ang tignan nyo ay 'yung balik.

Actually 'yung mga napamember ko sa USA , UAE, QATAR, SAUDI, DUBAI, etc. galing po sa Sulit and alam ko most of people who will read this tutorial under my team and direct ko mismo, sa sulit nyo nalaman ang TNMM and ung iba sa facebook of which I have tutorials also how to use facebook as additional ads.


1. First buy Sulit Gold at least 1400 (This ad is good for 30 days)

1 SG = 1 Php so 1400 SG = 1400 Php now sa mga kaya then buy it sa mga di kya try to find a team mate who is willing to share 2 to 3 persons hati kyo sa payment hati hati din kyo sa tao.

BUY SULIT GOLD --- click here

2. Then click Buy Sulit Gold

3.  Put 1400 on amount to buy and check the box (just follow the photo)

Note: The next time you buy you can use a promo code emailed to you by Sulit, so you will have a discount the next time you avail. I was able to get it 50% off last November.

4. You could pay through the following options follow the instructions given to you by sulit to verify your payment.

5. After paying, your Sulit gold will be available. It's now time to use it to boost your ads exposure.
6. Click "Manage Ads"

7. Choose the ads you want to boost exposure then click Boost using SG
NOTE: I suggest don't use the generic ads but make a personalized ads so you will be having more exposure.

Note: Try to see how many views this ads have achieved just because of sulit gold. That's the reason marami kyo mainvite the many views it would have, the many the inquiries that you will have too. You can't get this in free ads.

8. Now you have two options:

a. Best Value -- Best Seller 

b. Customized Exposure Package

Which is better? Of course it would be the 1st option because with the 1st it cost only 1300 Php on the customized the same feauture will cost around 2018 Php. So I suggest choosing the 1st option.

9. Now click "Get now using SG"

10. Then you can choose your own banner design the no of days of exposure and check the box .
11. Click Purchase Package and just proceed to the following instructions.

12. DONE

13. Now always log in to your account to check for any comments and messages and reply to it. Let them add you up in Facebook and add them to the Group so the Group may help you in convincing your invites.

Since we are one team we could help each other by putting a comment on each others ads the more comment the more legit it will look to the viewers. Marami kasi gusto maverify ung ads through the comments makita nila na ok ung business then they will inquire and join. So ask for the Million Dollars team to comment on your ads specially your uplines.

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