Affordable Negosyo Philippines

What if there's a better way to have your own negosyo in the Philippines without worrying about how much it costs or what you'll get? Let me show you a deal where you'll never feel disappointed for what you'll receive.

Maybe you don't like the idea of working for and building someone else's dreams, instead of building your own dreams. I felt that way before, working mostly 12 hours a day until I realized that even if I continue to do this for the next 5 years nothing's gonna change and improve.

So think about this... If there's a way to double or triple your income, would you be even interested?


What if you can start your small business that allows you to earn residual income? - that teaches you to think differently from the ordinary person, become a smart marketer who knows how to build a business.

This is the best business deal that you can have at low cost, that you won't be disappointed even if you did not do your best for it. In this business package, the benefits which you will receive is of much greater value than your registration fee.

And the cost to you is only what? An unbelievable P1350, it's amazing LOL that even if you're broke you can still find a way to start this business.

Ok, just so you know what you'll be getting, here's a few of the benefits:

Receive P1200 Worth of Quality Health and Wellness Products

Zero Interest Cash Loans (a min of P5k and a max of 75K)
-What's great about this program is that the company is willing to help you build your business.

Insurances (worldwide coverage) -Be ensured just in case, no matter where you are on Earth.

Damayan Program -Receive up to P250K in case of unexpected death.

Cash Incentives, Bonuses and Rewards
 -You'll be rewarded greatly by the company if you're willing to put in the necessary efforts for success on this business building deal.

Full Support and Trainings from our Team
-if you can follow simple steps, then you will succeed in this business because our team's system is doable and duplicatible. A team always at your side to guide you and give you what you need to succeed in this business, because we won't succeed unless you succeed.

Delivered Nationwide at No Extra Cost
 -Absolutely no extra charges whatsoever, your package will be delivered to your home at zero cost wherever you are in the Philippines. ...

And Soooo Much More.

If you're looking for a negosyo that you can manage part time, at a low budget, knowing that the company and your team will help you succeed, then QLife Herbal Science is what you need.

I do believe that whatever decisions we make in life whether we decide to take action or not, there are risks and consequences along the way. Whether just going to a movie theater, going to work on the field, or joining an extra income opportunity, there is risk involved.

Start living a quality life with us here. Go here to Watch the Online Seminar

What would you rather choose? To go on with your life for the next 5 years, knowing that you don't like it? Or... To try something new, knowing that no risk is actually involved and it can immensely change your lifestyle to the best?

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